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What is the "ONE-IN-CARTON" collection?

This's a new option for those who want to work on whole series of photographs and build own portfolio. Every selected preset from the collection is a well developed & unique one.

Recently, I prefer to create series of photographs. No matters whether it is a night or daylight one, whether it is a private shoot of people or a shoot for brands. I often use a single (primary) preset with slight adjustments for different shots every time when I edit a new series of photographs.

That's a key thing for getting the overall style of all photographs. So, every carton pack includes an only one preset.

If you have a first look at those carton preset packs, you might think it's not enough. But when you try them, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Check the information, details, "before" and "after" before you decide to get them. SOME PHOTOS MAY REQUIRE SLIGHT ADJUSTMENTS.

They're simple and easy to use.