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Hey fellows!

Pleased to announce that FREE-FOR-ALL photo editing is AVAILABLE NOW! Finally! I'd like to support the community of photographers during these times. Plus, 12 preset packages are available for sale now –– save up to 70%.

I'll be gradually uploading images for a FFA when the time is right. Will do my best to upload them every day.

There's no prizes, gifts, strict rules to enter or smth else. I'm not doing this to generate followers or to attract more people – I don't care about it. Hope all images you can edit and post to your own instagram will be great and really fun to work with. The most favourite works will be published in my instagram stories + 'mention'.

For me, it's a fun idea to share my original images I've collected over the past years –– if I can do something to help you to improve your skills or let you have some fun, then it's worth it. Just sharing my images, that's it.
Please, understand & respect it.

Stay with me and watch for updates!!


To submit your edits:
1. Post & Tag with #FFAby19TONES
2. Share my instagram post so that more people could have some fun if they're actually bored (optional)

Starts now & ends... I don't know when it ends exactly, let's all just have some fun at home! Feel free to enter!


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